Communication: Critically
important for company success –
yet often underestimated
Stefan Bannwart AG helps companies and executives to develop effective communication strategies to drive their future success.
Optimale Kommunikation nach aussen und innen


The success of your company depends on various factors. Communication is of crucial importance. It takes place on many levels, outside and inside the company.



External communication

Whether it is the contact with your customers, your suppliers or your investors, all external stakeholders benefit from goal-oriented, direct and clear communication. It impacts the revenue performance and the stock market valuation of your company and is an essential building block for success.


For this reason, it is the responsibility of the management to put in place an effective communication strategy and best-in-class communication standards.


This is true for established companies, for those in process of development and particularly in situations of crisis.



Internal communication

Well managed internal communication is also a pre-requisite of overall company success. Internal communication helps define the company culture and promotes the relationship among all employees.


It is particularly important when significant events such as growth initiatives or reorganisations need to be put into action. Internal communication is often taken for granted and therefore neglected or ignored.



Best-in-class approach to communication management

An experienced communications specialist supports and coaches management and secures full deployment of the power of the communication function.


These are some advantages of an external partner:


  • Outside-in perspective and independent advice
  • Rapid availability and flexibility regarding the volume and duration of assignments
  • Seniority, expertise and experience from many other situations and industries

Bringing in an external communications partner is recommended when companies do not have an in-house communications unit or are looking for reinforcement as they are confronted with specific challenging tasks both in the short or in the long term.

Typically, an external communications partner is able to support you in these fields:


  • Strategic communication
  • Crisis communication
  • Sparring partner of the management and the communications department
  • Coaching and training
  • Branding and corporate identity
  • Media relations
  • Content creation and production
  • Role as external Head of Communication


Stafan Bannwart

Experience and background

Stefan Bannwart has in-depth experience in the field of international corporate communications and in advising top executives.


Before he founded his consultancy in Zurich in 2008, he held senior positions in several international companies and at a large public relations firm.


He holds a Master’s in Economics from the University of Basel and an MBA in International Luxury Brand Management from ESSEC in Paris.


He has focused on the topic of analytical psychology for many years.


Languages: German (mother tongue), French, English and Italian.



Sachbuch Authentisch kommunizieren - Überzeugen mit dem inneren Kern

«Authentisch kommunizieren. Überzeugen mit dem inneren Kern»

There is one key factor in communication that is more important than all the others: Authenticity. If a person is perceived as authentic, everything else becomes secondary and he or she will impress and convince their audience. Stefan Bannwart has written a book that explains in a plausible and entertaining way why this is the case and what it takes to communicate authentically.


The foreword is by former Swiss Federal Councilor and President of the United Nations General Assembly, Joseph Deiss.




«Authentisch kommunizieren. Überzeugen mit dem inneren Kern» was published by the German publisher Springer in Berlin and is available in German in bookstores, online or directly from the publishing company as a paperback or eBook.


ISBN 978-3-662-63949-8 (Paperback)
ISBN 978-3-662-63950-4 (eBook)


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