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Stefan Bannwart AG – strategic, branded and credible communi­cation. Combining a strong international network with an emphasis on high-quality advice.


Strategic consulting

Your company objectives need the right communications strategy. As an innovative sparring partner for entrepreneurs and managers, Stefan Bannwart will support you in achieving these targets internationally. He will advise you on developing effective communication and defining targets, messages and target groups. Reputation and perception management are always taken into consideration.


Communication training and coaching

To enhance your performance in presentations, meetings and in the media, Stefan Bannwart provides individual coaching and tailored training sessions. In these sessions, he works on developing style, maintaining credibility and engaging your audience. You can leave employee training to him as well and ensure professional internal and external communications. Stefan Bannwart will also work with you to ensure you are well-prepared for potential crisis situations.


Media Relations

Stefan Bannwart develops and implements effective media strategies. To ensure your company has an excellent media presence, he will work with his international connections in print and electronic media, coordinate requests, and, if asked, can also be a spokesperson. Ahead of events and press conferences, he will train you and your team in working with journalists, and prepare the necessary documents. He can also organise media events.

Channel and Message Management

Stefan Bannwart creates messages that stick. He adapts these messages for various information channels and target groups. To ensure they reach the intended target groups, he selects from tools including corporate publishing, public affairs, advertising and sponsoring. Stefan Bannwart is also an ideal partner when selecting appropriate information channels such as print or electronic media, the Internet, social media, congresses or other events and platforms.


Brand Management

Stefan Bannwart will support you in building and sustaining your brand to ensure it is trustworthy and distinctive. He works on market positioning and promoting your company’s USPs. This is particularly challenging for service companies where the goods are immaterial. Here, Stefan Bannwart has longstanding experience as a branding expert for financial companies. He helps them to convey their company name, values and messages in a way that reaches clients, stays in their mind and differentiates them from competitors. When creating corporate identities and design he brings in experienced graphic designers, photographers and other creative minds and manages them, if necessary, on behalf of his client.


Stafan Bannwart

The owner

Economist Stefan Bannwart holds an MBA in International Brand Management. He has many years of experience in the field of corporate communication and in advising senior executives. His client base ranges from start-ups to global companies and he communicates in several languages (German, French, English and Italian). He maintains a strong network of contacts in business, media and politics in Switzerland, and has international experience and networks, e.g. in France, Germany, the UK, the US and Japan.

His background

Before founding his own communications consulting company, Stefan Bannwart AG, in 2008 in Zurich, Stefan Bannwart held a series of senior communications and marketing positions. From 2004 to 2007, he developed and managed the communications function of a globally active private equity firm. Prior to that, he worked, among other things, as the Head of Group Media Relations at Credit Suisse Group, as senior consultant in financial and corporate communications for a leading Swiss PR firm, and as Assistant to the CFO of the Swiss Broadcasting Corporation. Stefan Bannwart graduated with a Master’s degree in Economics from the University of Basel and obtained an MBA – majoring in International Luxury Brand Management – from ESSEC in Paris.


Stefan Bannwart AG
Communications Consulting

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